If you have been a regular reader of my blog, you might have noticed that I have been irregular with my post updates. There are quite a few reasons that you will see in the following paragraphs. But having said this, I am also ready to start taking my blog seriously and post more.

When I started blogging four years back, I did so because I found a platform where I could express myself creatively. Blogging in 2014 was very different than blogging in 2018. The community was more open and accepting and even though competition existed as it does, it was a healthy one. People would connect with each other and help one another grow their blog. This was before Instagram Age dawned upon us. Bloggers and brands were less into numbers as they are presently and good work was appreciated.

One of my major turnoffs for me when it came to blogging was the fact that today everyone ran after numbers. Most of the influencers who I see do not bring any fresh content and are just mirror images of each other. There is no dialogue about fashion but a sea of OOTDs (Outfit Of The Day for those whose fashion vocabulary is weak). Somehow the way things turned out to be put me off for quite a while. I almost stopped blogging for a while as I felt uninspired to shoot, to create content and write. It was not about finding time from my day job but I lacked the urge to contribute to this community where numbers are valued more than experience.

I have had discussions with a few friends over the years and a recent vacation changed my perspective towards blogging to. I realized that I had always loved blogging for what it was – a platform to showcase my work and express myself. And all these debates, discussions helped me see that the world was not getting any better but I made myself miss out on the things I could create. Hence I decided that it is time I go back to creating the content I want to see. Also in this four years, I have evolved as a person and from being a plus size blogger, photographer to being someone who tries to practice minimalism, I have become a whole different person than when I created this blog. And I want it to be the embodiment of that. So I won’t label myself as any of those again but I will leave the blog as a Fashion Blog Speaking on Bodypositivity, Style, Beauty and Photography. I will try to segregate these categories and create content on the same. And this time I would do it because I love blogging for what it is. And beepsabiswas.com is my personal space to create what I want.

I hope that you the reader will stick around to see what I shall bring to the table next. And take a walk on this journey with me.

– Sincerely Beepsa

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