Wearing: AND by Anita Dongre Jumpsuit, Max Fashions Green Sweater, Koovs White Mules, Lavie Sling Bag

I woke up late this Sunday morning and realized that I had a lot of errands to run as well as shoot a video and write a blog post. And the most pressing problem of all was the fact that I had nothing to wear. There is nothing I have bought recently that I could think of styling for a shoot. Given the fact that I also had to move around a lot, I needed something that was an easy fit. This was how the idea of the When You Have Nothing To Wear Outfit was born.

Having stared at my wardrobe for about half an hour, I decided that the jumpsuit was the best option. But as Kolkata is still chilly, I had to throw on something. Therefore the sweater that I was seen in a lot this winter was added. I was in a hurry so I wanted to quickly throw something together and I had already wasted about half an hour just staring blankly at my wardrobe.

Once I had my outfit together, the sling bag and mules were thrown in. The reason being that both of them were not only comfortable but also fit for the long day ahead. This was an outfit entirely made of clothes and accessories that I already had in my wardrobe. And it took about five minutes to get it together. It is no wonder that if you invest in basics you will always have something new to wear each day.

On days when you have nothing to wear, try throwing something over your jumpsuit for an entirely new look. Once I actually paired the two, I felt that the jumpsuit looked more like cullottes rather than a jumpsuit. After the initial anxiousness and worry, I had just the perfect outfit for running errands. And it was good enough to take a few photos and shoot a video about it too. So the morale of the story remains – invest in basics.

Hope you liked this post. Do watch the video and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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