Summer Gingham Dress By Vajor , Woven Suede Flats by Koovs

I shy away from colours and call myself a minimalist but embracing colours are changing my notions on how I want to dress. This year has seen my try colours like yellow and mustard and even pink that I usually steer clear of. I set out to experiment with my wardrobe by adding a little colour here or throwing a different cut there. In doing this I discovered that I actually enjoy wearing colours outside the usual black, blue, grey and white. Though my love-hate relationship with accessories continue. Nevertheless, colours have become an integral part of my wardrobe and this sunny dress attests to the fact.

I picked this dress from Vajor a few months back and have been looking for an excuse to wear it. I got one when I was visiting home after almost a fortnight.  This dress reminds me of the endless summer that Bengal has and the beautiful mornings in October. I have always loved October. The clear blue skies, dark green fields and the festivals like Durga Puja and Diwali are something I look forward to. This dress is a perfect fit for a picnic with friends on a wide open field, or a Sunday brunch with the family. It is light, easy to throw on and the gingham pattern of three different colours is refreshing. When I wear this dress it takes me back to the summer days when I was a little girl chasing butterflies in my grandfather’s well tended garden.

I didn’t put in much effort to style the dress. I have a few ideas though and I would be restyling this dress in the future and to see what I do, follow me on Instagram. A sunny dress like this will see a lot more wear. And I didn’t even try on the belt that came along with it. And I would like to see how it turns out to be. I hope you enjoyed the pictures and this post. See you around here soon.

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