I remember writing something similar with my first blog post back in 2016. It was about creating this new website to document my blogging journey. Since then I have hardly been around here. But they say websites live on and so here it stands bearing my legacy with a handful of posts.

Three years later, I am back here writing about how I am starting to carve out a little space for myself on the mass video platform called YouTube. 2019 for me has officially begun today as I posted my first video and promised myself that I will keep up with creating two video content a month. My 2019 is going to be all about motion. Movement, motion, action is how I am going to define the year ahead.

This video is an introduction to the content that I intend to create on the blog. Beauty, Style, Self Love, Bodypositivity, Photography and Digital Marketing. These are all the areas that I am equally passionate about and I have a lot to share.

There are also quite a bit of blog content that I have planned for in the coming days. Thank you for your support.

Leave your comments below so that I may know if you enjoyed the video!

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