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I am a person who has always been very vigilant about skincare, yet I have also battled acne scars for years now. With my recent switch to Organic Skincare, my skin has experienced a major difference.

I have always been religious with my CTM routine yet things did not workout with my skin. In the end I would end up with acne, uneven skin and a lot of redness and this battle would end with dark pigmented scars. And soon I would concentrate on taking care of the scars on part of my face when a new army of acne would come and ravage another part of of my face. It was like a viscious cycle and I felt that my skin is doomed. Fortunately what came to my rescue were a handful Indian brands that not only make gentle products but also ensure that they are vegan, cruelty-free and is devoid of the most harmful ingredients found in most other skincare products in the market. It was quite an experience trying to research on these organic skincare products and then adapting a routine that was slow to show results but well worth towards the end. I never use more than three products for skincare as my philosophy towards everything is “less is more”.

The first product that needs to be mentioned is the Kama Ayurveda Rose Jasmine Face Wash. I did not think that this face wash was anything much because it was so light. It doesn’t froth as much as the face washes I was used to. The face wash is a clear liquid formula that feels like a thin film of liquid which froths only little with water. It has a mild fragnance of roses that seem to bloom in the distance while my olfactory senses have never pointed out the sweet smell of jasmine. This may be a good thing given that ususally flowers can lose their scent in the distillation process as I have seen it, though I cannot say anything as I do not have a clear idea on how they are made. But in the end, the verdict on the face wash is that it is a gentle one that doesn’t strip of moisture and cleanses effectively too. So this has been added to the list of my “Must Buy Again” products.

Juicy Chemistry’s Helichrysum and Rosehip Overnight Cell Reconstruction Serum is another one of those products that surely made a difference. It is a yellow coloured oil with a very distinct fragnance that lingers around for a long time. I have woken up to the strong smell many mornings but at the same time it isn’t a smell that turns me off but I rather seem to like it. I use it in small amount all over my face and neck. I had bought this on Nykaa as the product claimed to clear pigmentation and dark spots and the reviews on it were quite good. It has indeed turned out to be a “skin hero”. The oil is itself light and has never felt heavy even if I apply a little more than usual. Over a period of one month of its use, I have seen a complete change in both the texture of my skin and the occurence of acne. The scars have also healed and are in the process to be eliminated forever. It imparts such a surreal glow to my face in addition to this that I have planned to stick with it. Along with the face wash this is the one product I use twice a day without fail.

The Plum Chamomile and White Tea Sheer Matte Day Cream SPF 50 stood out to me as it promised to be matte, something that the humid weather in Kolkata demand. Now before I get you excited about the product, I must tell you a little thing that I experience every time I apply the product. On application, I tend to sweat around my mouth and nose, an area that I generally sweat but it happens everytime I apply this. After this initial sweating, my skin settles down and I do not experience anything even when I go out. So this little thing makes me want to switch to something else. Yet the product has been very effective. Also I had studied the entire ingredient list and found nothing that will irritate my skin and it is devoid of any harmful chemicals which is a relief. So I am still considering this product though mostly I still like it.

Ruby Organic’s Orange Oil Lip Balm is a very recent buy. On my first encounter I thought the oily lip balm is not what I expect of a lip balm. Yet I am used to it by now. The texture can be a little different from the lip balms we are used to. It doesn’t have any fragnance. I am currently in love with this lip oil balm as I have seen real time results using this. I have very dry lips that seem to peel all year long. To add to this, nine hours in air consitioned rooms add to this dry spell even more. For a few days I continued to apply this oily balm at intervals of hours as soon as I would feel the lips going dry. And now after a week, my dry lips problem is almost healed. As I type this, I haven’t applied anything on my lips in over 12 hours and my lips still seem to retain the moisture and there is no peeling too.

Going green with my skincare routine has definitely made my skin better and cut down on unnecessary steps. Twice a week I also do a homemade mask made of the simplest ingredient that acts as a mask, a scrub and cleanser. Keeping it simple and using organic skincare has helped me. Thus I encourage you to use organic skincare products which are gentle, effective and helps you to have better skin in the long run.  Of course along with this you also need to maintain a good diet that will work together to help you achieve and maintain the skin you always want.

I hope you like this post, leave your comments below and any skincare suggestions. See you in the next one!

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