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Wearing: MaxFashion Polka Dot Dress, My Foot Couture White Mules (Koovs), Bewakoof Brown Rexine Backpack

A year has passed by and here I am writing again, the time on my mobile phone’s screen reads two minutes to midnight. The night is dark yet young and my eyes do not seem to tire though I have been bed ridden with the flu the entire day. I do not seem to recall being this excited about blogging in a while. Not having penned a blog post in about a year, I tell myself that I have lost the touch. Yet writing down the post brings me a joy that I had almost forgotten about. 2017 was a year that was all about growing on the personal front and it has nonetheless been very rewarding. Moving out on my own for the first time, surviving alone in the city of joy though with lots of help from both my new and old friends has managed to upset my quiet old life and at the same time put everything in a new perspective. It is a change that is refreshing, beautiful and full of rich experiences. The last seven months has been a mix of both the good and the bad, experiences which I never would have had if I had not taken my current job. It has been least to say an emotional as well as eye-opening journey, the one that has taught me the value of home, family, friends and also a great deal about my own self. Above all it has made me realize how grateful I am to be living, breathing and enjoying life with the ones I love and who love me back and I cannot ask for anything better.

This post marks a great weekend that I spent in the company of friends having good food, trying our best to freez the fleeting moments in photographs and catching up with each other. I wanted to start the first post of the year on a personal and positive note. It seemed like a good thing to do given that I had been missing from the scene since quite some time. I also had encountered a problem with my hosting provider which also pushed back all the plans that I had in January for the blog to this moment now. Those of you have been reading the blog will know that so many of the posts are missing which is because of a backup issue to which I lost a great deal of work. I too had been at fault in this part not having taken proper backups of all the posts and so when everything was setup I seemed to have lost half the work that I done over the last two years. It is a ldesson learnt well and I am taking care to be more proactive about keeping better backups of everything. But for now it makes me happy to have accomplished writing a post after so long. Positive affirmations are another thing that has helped me a lot while I stay away from my family and deal with everyday life. It reminds me of why I started blogging all those years back which I think would be quite a topic of conversation, one that I aim to take up in an upcoming post. Now onto the dress photographed above. 

I came across this dress some two weeks back when I was at the Max Store shopping for an upcoming trip. It was hanging at a corner behind a few other stuff and I knew I had to have it somehow. Though I originally planned to wear it at the destination, yet I couldn’t resist the opportunity to take it out on a date with my friends. It is but perfect for the summer and polka dots are always charming. I hardly smile or laugh when it comes to creating photos for a blog post or posing in front of the camera on any other day. But the company of friends can bring out the best in a person and so I present you all laughing Beepsa, a rare sight for those that only know me digitally. I am always really smiling and laughing and skipping around, its just that whenever I face a camera, I tend to make that face. Ugh! I know I should try doing the smile more at the camera instead of frown. So here it goes, some new things to do this year which hopefully I would be able to accomplish. And though it may be late, but I still hope you all have a great time.

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