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I have lived in shared spaces for far too long and all I desire now is to have a place of my own, a place to call home. Even though this is all but a dream, it has not really stopped me from fantasizing about this space of mine. In my head, I have already thought of all the things I want in my new home. Beautiful lamps, potted plants and having my best friends send in their artworks are a few of the things on this list. Besides an airy, spacious and cozy home, I am really into lighting up my home with beautiful lights and lamps. I have already been picking out options and looking to rel=”nofollow”shop from the latest collection of lamps.

I have always known that I want ambient lighting in my home in addition to the lamps. I have been reading a lot of blogs to get a better idea for my own space. Besides the modern designs, geometric shapes and smart lamps rel=”nofollow”like this, I am quite taken by the more traditional ones like the Turkish lamps.

The coloured glasses, beautiful patterns and the subtle glow make me want to buy one for every room in the house. Not only are these lamps a piece of art and beauty but carry a little bit of history of how light has contributed to human civilization. It seems like folklore to hear of times when there was no electric light glowing in the streets and night started for most just as the sunset. Light has contributed so much to make the history of mankind what it is today. I wonder if we had never learned to make fire, how would our evolution have been.

All the wondering aside, I have been really keen on finding the right lamp and the right light for my new home. I understand how good light can make or break the feel of a room. To know the importance of lighting, rel=”nofollow”click here. I am also keen on making my home as sustainable as possible. Hence energy-saving lighting options along with smart designs are what I am looking to opt for. And even though chandeliers seem elegant, I love the rustic beauty of a hanging lamp with visible cords.

I guess with all the window shopping I have been doing even before I have moved to a new place, I will be well prepared for the big move. Though I am scared of having to deal with everyday challenges alone, nothing excites me more than the idea of decking up my future home with things I love.

I know in my head the colour palette I want everything in my home to be in. The way I want every corner of the house to look and resonate with who I am. And above all a room of my own to retire at the end of every day and take the much-needed repose. It is all but a dream before I come across such a space that feels like home and would make me want to give it this makeover that my heart desires.  

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