A blend of the traditional and modern, Kurtis are a piece of clothing that I have come to love.  It has become a necessary part of my wardrobe being a part of the workplace uniform or the traditional day outfit. However, I have refrained from experimenting with it or making it a part of my going-out outfit. Having been subjected it to its above-mentioned role, the Kurti has always been deemed by me as a boring piece of clothing. Well at least until now.

I may pinpoint several reasons for this newfound interest in Kurtis.  One of the major ones was driven by two posts on the Vogue India website. One had Jahnvi Kapoor in a beautiful fringe kurta and the other had Jacqueline Fernandez in a bright red kurta.  Now I am not a huge fan of bright colours but I appreciate a beautiful piece of clothing when I see one.  Both the styles were very different from each other and it piqued my interest even more. And whenever that happens,  I jump over to Pinterest and look for the next best ideas. I created a board with some of these kurti outfit ideas that I would want to wear in the coming days. I love curating my boards and I hope some of you may use it too to look for the next best idea. Curated boards apart, I am looking for ideas everywhere from billboards and hoardings to the passenger on the seat next to me in the bus. Call me an obsessed woman, and I shall readily oblige.

The inspiration I seek I find around me.  I am also beginning to notice the women around me who have their kurti game all checked and straightened out.  Kolkata summers at this point do call for outfits that are breathable and relaxing. I am always trying to make sure that cotton and organic fabrics are a part of my daily wear. Hence, while shopping for Kurtis,  this is again a major point to note besides the style. I would say I prefer straight cut and A-line style kurtas above other styles and they are a really smart work wear option too. However, I am willing to experiment with other styles more of kurtis this year of course sans too much colour.

In my search for new ways to spice up old things, I chanced upon videos like this which was also very helpful. Stalking the Instagram pages of some of my favourite fashion bloggers have also become a daily thing. And now I turn to you, my readers to leave me with some ideas and links in the comments below.  I have no idea yet how much of it, I shall really put into good use, but try I shall and show you whatever I wear. As you may very well imagine now, my obsession shall continue and I shall fill these pages with photographs and experiences of each outfit experimentation.

Until then I take my leave from you and hope you encourage my current obsession. Thank you for reading, have a good day.

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