I have been using bio oil for over a month. I thought it was a good time to pour out my thoughts on this miracle oil. The blog has not seen much activity for a long and the time could not be better. I have written an exhaustive review of how it worked on my skin. I have tried it all over my body including my face and I have had a few interesting experiences that will be

How Bio Oil Is Useful For Skin?

Skin is the largest organ of our body and is not just your face. Bio oil is heralded as the all-in-one oil that you can apply all over your body. It is said to take of many a pressing skin concerns from hydrating skin to removing scars with constant usage. How much of it stand trues is however depends on how you use it.

I started using Bio Oil on my face initially because I wanted to desperately get rid of acne scars. I have to say this, the oil did a really good job. My scars were lightened and my face had the glow of a lightbulb (I maybe getting a little carried away here). Bio oil can remove acne scars and marks. But then…

Can Bio Oil Be Used On The Face?

No and yes. I had a real bad reaction to it. As I mentioned above it removed my old scars. But I saw a resurgence of acne which means more new scars. So it is definitely a no for me or my skin. However, I have read a few articles that mention using it as a spot treatment on your acne scars instead of massaging it into your entire skin. I am going to try that after a while but for now I will stop using it on my face. I had been using it twice a day but I guess I will stick to my Juicy Chemistry Rosehip Oil that I feel is much lighter on my skin sans the scars. You can read about it here.

How To Use Bio Oil?

I use the oil everytime I take a shower. Once I am out of the shower, I slather it all over the body and massage it in. I have very dry skin and this oil takes care of it really well. I also live in a very humid zone. And the oil hydrates my dry skin without making me sweat unlike most other lotions and body moisturisers. This is definitely a great thing as I usually don’t like applying anything and end up with scratchy, bumpy skin. Also I noticed that I has a few tiny scars around the hips and they seem lighter. I hardly have any strech marks so I cannot comment on if bio oil removes stretch marks. But it is one of the best in the market for scar hands down.

You can use bio oil also as a makeup remover. I use it sometime as I love double cleansing my skin and all my makeup, dirt and pollution is off at one go. I also use it on those days when my cuticles gets dry which is almost everyday. And sometimes when I feel too lazy to reach out for my Moroccan Oil, I apply it on my thirsty hair strands to hydrate them. There are so many other uses I hear people use bio oil for and it is no wonder that it is quite effective in solving a number of skin concerns.

My Final Thoughts

I am definitely going to keep using it as a body oil. However, I am skeptical of using bio oil on my face from now on. If you have oily acne-prone facial skin, it is best to steer clear of it. You may spot apply it on old spots or marks but definitely avoid using it on your raw skin or pimples. So go on and get a bottle of orange magic potion for yourself.

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