A Tourist in her own city – A Photo Story With Reeneta Dutta Part 2










A Tourist in her own city – Part 2 brings me to the second part of the series. This set of photographs too were shot on the same day. Reeneta changed into a pretty floral dress at Prinsep Ghat. It was quite lovely at the early hours of the morning. We spent about an hour before moving to Victoria Memorial.

Victoria Memorial had been one of those places we wanted to go visit first. We hoped to get lots of portraits of Reeneta with the memorial in the background. Once we reached there, to my utter delight, I saw a thin misty smog hanging over the white structure. The weather and light seemed to be in favour. I have been a regular visitor here given that my University was just a few blocks away. Also the Annual Literary Meet in Kolkata is always held which I sadly could not make it to this year.

Our morning had until now been very productive and interesting. We both soon realized thattha were too hungry to do anything anymore. So not pictured here is the best breakfast of chai/biscuit that we had the roadside shop outside the backgate of the memorial before moving on to our next destination.

The next place on my mind was definitely the grand St. Paul’s Cathedral without which I feel Kolkata darshan is incomplete. We walked to Nandan and took some of the old lanes to the Cathedral. These are the roads I had taken many times with my friends in the past. They feel much like home. This part of central Kolkata feels almost like the Churchgate and Kalaghoda in Mumbai.

St. Paul’s Cathedral is a magnificent building and it never stops to amaze me. The best thing about this place is not just the serene atmosphere but the people who take care of the place. We met a man who told us stories about the place. He was part of the team that managed the cathedral. Wherever we travel in the world, human connections that make our journey worth a while. The cathedral has one of most beautiful garden. I took the opportunity to take photos of the flowers for memories.

This is where we wrapped up our day’s trip. We saw quite a bit of Kolkata that day. For me walking down the familiar roads, seeing places that I hadn’t visited in a year brought back a lot of memories. When time passes by, it is only our memories we hold onto forever.

I hope you liked this series. Do leave your own thoughts in the comments below.

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