Perfect day dress – How to buy one for yourself?

Dress for Curvy Girls from Angrakha

Comfort and convenience of movement are what I desire in a dress. Being the person who puts her comfort first, my dresses need to fit me right but not too snug. I am really choosy about what I buy and hence buying dresses often prove challenging. I have some pointers that I follow each time I make a purchase. As much as I may face an issue with the sizing when it comes to most brands, there are also a number of other factors. I, therefore compiled this list on How to choose the perfect day dress?

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  1. Comfort – The one thing I have learnt way later than I should have is being comfortable. We are conditioned to think that one should only fit into smaller sizes as that is ideal, however uncomfortable you may feel. Now that I know better, this is the most important thing on my mind. For the same reason, I wear more sneakers than heels!
  2. Budget – Right after comfort I would look for the budget. Over time I am more conscious about what I buy as I aim for a more sustainable wardrobe rather than buying fashion every season. I have come to understand that personal style is your own and doesn’t need to change according to what’s in vogue. So yes the cost of the clothes are important considerations for me.
  3. Customization options – Most run-of-the-mill brands will not offer great size options for every body type. And this is the single most important thing that plays a big role in how we shop. If our clothes don’t fit us right, we would keep looking for more options and end buying more. To avoid this, one option is to buy from local small business owners who cater to all and know how to dress with larger body types. If you can get the size right, and have several colours, sleeve length and other customization options, I am sure you would not want to go back to buying clothes only meant for certain sizes and body types.
  4. The intention of buying – I don’t like spending money on things I don’t need. Hence I always put a bit of thought into every purchase I make especially those related to fashion. When I was younger, impulse buys were a common thing for me. I have tried to avoid this impulse now. Whenever I do buy clothes, I consider for how long I would like to keep them. Would it be something that I would not wear anymore? If that is so, then I can rent for an occasion instead of buying it. This also pertains to clothes that may be in trend but I know I won’t be comfortable wearing them. I altogether avoid buying if I feel that way.
  5. Supporting women-led small businesses (optional) – I also try to support friends and women I know and admire. This is of course not the most essential point to be considered. For me, this is often an important point in making purchase decisions.

Here are the points I take into account when I buy a dress:

So for the times when I want dresses that fit well, are comfortable for Indian summers, is on a great budget topped with customization options, I go for Angrakhaa. I have been buying clothes from the brand for over a year now and each time Angrakhaa surprises me! I keep wearing my Angrakhaa purchases all the time. So if you are looking to buy the perfect day dress you can look at the sale they have going on or follow the points above before you buy.

perfect day dress for plus size women India

P.S. This post was not sponsored by Angrakhaa in any way. All opinions shared are based upon my personal experience.

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