My favourite Quarantine Photographs and Self-Portraits

The self-quarantine photography experiments have been strangely exciting and fulfilling. I am usually home, yet before the quarantine, I did not really feel the excited about the idea of shooting in a small restricted area and making the most of that space. If quarantine taught me something, it was that you can make the most of what you have and create something beautiful from that. I therefore, decided to pen down my self-isolation journey along with my quarantine photographs with my portraits and favourite photos of my plants to help you with your questions of “How to take self-portraits at home?” or “Quarantine photography ideas.”

I have been shooting self-portraits for over six years now. It started when I had my first two blogs and I was deeply interested in fashion blogging. Ever since then, my style, tastes in clothes and even some beliefs have changed over time as I grew as a person. However, one thing remained constant that I loved to take self-portraits. Over the years, I have shifted my focus to other career objectives, but my camera is still my best friend and photography a favourite past time that everyone close to me knows about.

When quarantine was first announced and everyone made plans on how to stay creative and create more, I decided that I would be spending more time and thought on how I take my photographs a.k.a self-portraits. I had to basically plan it all out as I was working full time through quarantine. I decided to sneak out some time and take at least 10-15 minutes per day to practice different photography styles and also work a little out of my comfort zone. Also when I get too comfortable in the couch, I do not like to get out off it and dress up. But this time around, I was determined to get up, dress up and show up for my at home shoots!

I will now share my favourite Quarantine photographs and self-portraits:

This was one of my frst self-portraits that I loved and my Instagram audience loved too. It was posted on April 20th, and I was by then experimenting with low light photography. I had always been into moody photographs and you can see that if you scroll through the 699 photos that are there on my Instagram. But this photo has my heart for being just a beautiful setting with the addition of my money plants. You can always see that I love my photos moody and de-saturated so that is how most of them go.

For Earth Day I wanted to create something and this photograph was shot at night under the bright indoor light with a money plant cutting that I had been growing in the pots for a few days then. The image was simple and I wanted to keep my focus on the green leaves and hence you could only see my droopy eyes staring right back at you.

The next photograph of my copy of Ruskin Bond and the smoke coming out of my cup has to be the most exciting one ever. So I did not use photograph for creating this cinemagraph. My app of choice was “Vimage“. I purchased it for a few days but did not keep it long enough to explore it all. I think it is really a good app but I want to be able to create similar moving photos by myself using other applications and have more control. I am still exploring and learning about cinemagraphs so I guess that is going to take a while.

This series of photos were created after I posted a question asking everyone if they would like to see more photography or style content on Instagram. The majority voted style and I decided to specially devote time for this and have a fun indoor photoshoot in our tiny balcony. My camera and tripod were placed inside the room and I set my ISO higher than 200 to ensure that the photos were well lit.

During this time I have also explored quite a bit with documenting my plants and you can clearly see how wonderful these yellow hibicuses look. They light up our home and now they are also lighting up my feed.

While keeping true to my goal of experimenting with photography, I gave into the trend of #FaceTimePhotoShootChallenge with my friend – Reeneta Dutta. You should definitely check out her blog here. We both are always so eager to shoot together and this time around, we decided to do this one afternoon. I will admit it was not the easiest and I struggled a bit with keeping my focus right and the lighting on her side. Looking back at the photos, I know we did good for being first timers and enjoyed ourselves with planning the outfits, planning the looks and through bad phone signals.

The reason I wanted to share this photo is because, this is the only one from this shoot that I liked. The sole photo. It often happens that I shoot something but I end up trashing the whole series of photos because I just do not find it good enough to share. I am one of those people who go through the process of heavily scrutinizing their own work. I don’t like it, I chuck it and don’t post it. So if you struggle sometimes with being creative, I think that is perfectly fine. The only thing is to never stop creating. Take your breaks but never stop.

This is a very recent photograph that I created as part of the #CostumePartywithS that is organized every Saturday by Spardha Malik. The theme of last week’s party was “Frida in India”. I tried on this saree with my minimal styling and some twisted braids and a bun to complete the look. My big potted money plant also made an appearance in this photo.

I have not been practicing much of either flatlay or product photography, so decided to dive in with my Shop Lune jewels. They are one of my favourite local brands and I keep buying a ton of jewelry from them because of how they make delicate an beautiful accessories.

I created this series of photographs today to speak up for a lot of the current issues that are affecting all of us and why we should break out of bubbles and speak up against everything that is wrong. I used a bubble wrap that I have kept from some online parcels that had come in a few weeks ago. I will be utilizing these bubble wraps for wrapping stuff when I move and also in future shoots. This was a challenging shoot as I did not fix the bubble wrap and instead use my hands to play around with it to get these photos.

The Self-quarantine photography journey has been very rewarding creatively. I have been home most of the time the last 6 months but never spent much of my time and I was not blogging, vlogging or ‘gramming at all. Self Quarantine definitely did show me how much I love self-portraits and exploring with photography.

If you would like to learn how to take better self-portraits or work on improving your product photography, let me know in the comments below and I would love to share my photography process with you.

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Stay safe and be kind!


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