A Girl and her Candy

A photograph is a memory that we freeze to capture a moment for ever. Ever since I had picked up a camera at 16, I have captured countless moments and with each freezing frames, my fondness for capturing the raw and real side of human emotions have only grown deeper. As a self-taught photographer, I am not very good with the technicalities that constitutes a good photograph. I see a moment and I know this is good to frame. I take portraits for a photowall that I am planning to get in my future home. Photography is very personal to me , I do it for myself.

I shot this photo of my niece in January and forgot all about it till I discovered it today while experimenting with low-light photography in the kitchen (blog post will be out really soon).

When I look through the camera lens, my one simple goal is to capture a moment as it is. My photographs should carry the essence of what makes us human – emotions, feelings, and moments. Its a very simple rule I have stuck by since I was a wee sixteen year old with a Kodak point-and-shoot that I think my father bought in 2005. It was old but it got the job done and in some ways I miss it at times. I remember at sixteen I would spend my days in the garden taking photos of butterflies, dragonflies, critters and occassional snakes because I wanted to be a Wildlife photographer. How times change!

When I finally had a Digital SLR years later, did I discover that I want to take photographs of people besides other mammals, amphibians, vetebrates and of course non-living things. And most of all I wanted to capture fleeting moments and forgotten emotions and save it to look back upon one day.

Each of these frames have been captured as I saw the action unfolding before me. A three-year old eating a candy as big as her face with all her concentration. You can see her expressions changie with each frame and how invested she was to savouring it. I think at one point she was even annoyed with me and settled comfortably between her mother and my grandmother turning away from me. And she could only finish half on the first day and took two days to finish it. By the end of it all, she was ecstatic and demanded I buy her even a bigger one next time she visits me. Just a girl and her candy!

I hope you enjoyed this series of photographs. Until the next post, take care and stay home!

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