Millennial Rants amidst a global crisis

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A world in the cusp of a pandemic, human beings in lockdown and an impending lull before things go back to normal or forward to something anew……

Locked behind closed doors, living off hoarded pantry, Netflixing through a better part of the day and planning a list of to-do-its for the New World. Is a New World really in order? Or are we going back to the old ways as soon as the button resets and we need another global crisis to remind us of the important things in life.

I have so many questions these days… I was always here, sitting on my bar stool typing away at the keyboard and ticking off my list of to-dos. “Working from home” was always a normal for me yet why does it not feel so now? Why do lonely streets and no signs of human life feel so dreary? Almost as if doomsday is really near. I check into the CovidVisualizer as often as I could during the day and let out inaudible gasps lest my grandparents in the other room hear me. I thought I was an optimist? Or am I?

I would have liked to worry about unimportant things in life – Does this dress look good on me? Why did I run out of Nutella? Why are false eyelashes so darn hard to put on and how do YouTubers do it? But instead here I am rationing food in the kitchen, shuddering at the thought of the time I would have to go out to buy more. How do I make it and get back without letting an unknown enemy inside my body? Will we ever overcome this? Do I get to see my friends again? Will all of us ever be okay?

All of the happy vibes on Instagram, tags after tags, self care tips and books are slowly failing to keep my sanity and I begin to wonder……

Are we those who will squeeze the life out of another human being for the a an extra bag of ration or are we the ones tirelessly monitoring the sick at some village hospital at the end of the world? Do we tire from pelting stones at the police as they try to save our own lives or clap at them as they dance in the streets so that our days of social distancing feel a little less lonely?

What has humanity come to and what are we learning from our present situation?

I think by now I have let my thoughts go astray. And I leave the question for each of you to answer for your ownself.

And if you would like to read more such rants, I think I am ready to pen down a few more lines in the coming days. Let blogging be what it used to be back in the day – a space on the internet to write, express, feel and be who you want to be!

Also I had once penned down this post on Instagram and Fast Fashion – you may as well give it a read!

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