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AND jacket and crop top

Plus size summer style

Summer Child

Wearing – Peplum Crop Top & Jacket by AND, Jeans from Max, & White Mules from The Label Life

I often wonder if someone can ever love the extremes of weather? Have you ever wandered in the sweltering summer sun or the dark and cold winter nights? Or waded through waist deep water to get to work? Seasons like people have something we all love and hate. Similar to the extremes of our behaviour, the dark depths of our soul, the seasons our country goes through in a year have their positives and negatives. At winter days turn to spring and spring to summer, I feel a tingle in my veins. I keep telling I love the winters but of late I feel like a summer child.

Indian summers are hot and harsh. In simple words, one doesn’t find much love towards it. The uncomfortably hot days and nights together with humidity makes the city a boiling pot for its residents. There is no respite except for escaping to the cool rooms. For those unlucky among us who have to take to the streets, the words “feel the burn” is as real as the saying goes. Summers in Bengal burns your skin. You seek respite with air conditioners and cool baths and yet feel the heat taking your body a prisoner.

All this aside I am willing to call myself a summer child. It might sound as a paradox after the seemingly bleak descriptions of summer in the paragraphs above. This is because over the years I have learnt to appreciate a few things about summer. When you are born in the land of summer, you have to learn to live with it. But there are other things too that I love about this season. Have you ever woken up early on a crisp summer morning before the sun rises and the motions of the day are set in action? Have you breathed the fresh morning air, saw the birds flying and the sun slowly appearing over the horizon? This is what I love about summer mornings. Icecreams every afternoon, cool showers all days long, going for long swims, and the cool breeze in the evenings. All of this makes me want to be a summer child forever.

One of the other things I really enjoy about summer is summer dresses and summer fashion in general. I have been on the lookout for a polka dot dress forever now but I cannot seem to find one I really like. This year however, along with a lot of things I am also taking a break from the usual dresses and opting for outfits that I normally would not. On this year of experimentation, I was lucky enough to find some pieces to add to my wardrobe that are in tune with my style and colour preferences and yet different from what I usually wear. The peplum crop top and jacket were quite a find as I own nothing like that. And given that these two are very versatile and can be worn in many different combinations makes me love each piece more. In the days to come I will showcase some of the other ways I would be wearing them. When I was shooting for the photos, I felt very happy and free and hence I decided to come up with the title of the post- Summer Child.

Are you a summer child? Let me know in the comments below.

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