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I am having a little trouble penning down the exact words how this top from B:Kind makes me feel. I could go on with words like “love at first sight”, “beautiful”, “comfortable” and blah blah blah but it is only the right words that fail me. It is appalling given that I make a living out of selling words. To get me over this writer’s block, I sought the company of Gabriel García Márquez and his novel, “Love In The Time Of Cholera.” Márquez’s description of Dr. Urbino’s house and the beauty of the Caribbean coast is how this outfit makes me feel. It speaks to me of a breezy summer afternoon, green mangoes, blazing summer sun and everything that Indian summer has come to be known as.

Curvy Fashion

Bengal has always been a hot place and the blistering heat make us run for the air conditioners and coolers for momentary relief. It is imperative for those that need to venture out to make fashion choices that are absolutely focused on the marriage between comfort and style. It is thus when brands like B:Kind comes with options like these, it makes life easier for those of us that value our comfort and yet wants to be as presentable as we possibly can be given that our makeup doesn’t meltdown. So from time to time, we need such kind brands to rescue us from the peril of being up to the mark to our own style standards while also receiving a little respite from the sweltering weather.

Outfit Details

Now that I have seemed to find a few words for my own self thanks to a quick reading of Márquez, I feel quite at ease as my thoughts begin to collect themselves. I should have been able to describe in details what to pair with what and how to wear what. Of late I have felt the necessity to do so increasingly less. Therefore, I urge to you just see how I do it while informing you that this might not be the only way and you are allowed to wear the same thing as and how you like. There shouldn’t be any rules when it comes to wearing clothes. So I leave you to be the judge of how you ought to go about styling a top but I can ask you to visit the website and check out all that they have to offer for an array of sizes and to leave your kind comments below. Till the next time, Adieu!

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