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Self Portrait in a Fine Bengal Summer Day

Body Positive Style & Photography Blog- Beepsa Biswas

Body Positive Style & Photography Blog- Beepsa BiswasWearing: Fig White Top from Reliance Trends, Max Fashion Green Skirt, Koovs White Mules

The 9 a.m. sun wasn’t as firey as I had expected it to be on this balmy Sunday morning. My entire Saturday spent in bed Netflixing series after series. This is how I am led to believe a millennial woman should be spending her weekends, the one that is deemed to be cool if you are not out on a Sunday brunch. On other Sundays I sometimes find myself in malls and cafes with their shiny floors and painstakingly beautiful decor beckoning me to take a photo for they sure make a very Instagrammable location. It is this lure of social media accompanied by our thirst for a moment of fame. We buy clothes and discard of them even faster lest we be caught wearing the same outfit twice. It was this very same psychology at work when I was trying on this skirt at the MAX store.  My first thought was, ” Ah! this would look perfect when I Instagram it.” What I am trying to point out here is that I am like the rest of my contemporaries, a product of selfies, posts, stories. My only wish is that while trying to keep up with all of it, I do not forget that there is more to life than the world of social media. And that clothes do not necessarily define the person I am or anyone is.

When I was a child, life was less about putting on a show and more about living it. I can proudly say that I had a childhood where made memories that didn’t need to be captured constantly. The parts which I can remember come back to me fondly while for those that my mind deceives me, I cannot do anything about. I yearn for that slow life which I believe I won’t have anymore. In a similar way I yearn for those days when clothes were just clothes and interesting were the people who wore them. I yearn to see less of twins and quadruplets or those that you call a “fashion squad” or “goals” and more of the individual expression of style. I would still say that I am no different but I am trying hard to set myself apart. I do not want to be the nth person wearing the same style of the summer line of the nth brand.

You could say that you can wear clothes that are from the sustainable ones if you so hate fast fashion. But I do not loathe it or hate it, I simply say fast fashion is prone to making us look more like clones and less like our own unique individual selves. The solution I believe does not just come from discarding fast fashion or adopting non-mass produced clothes. But it actually rests upon us to find the balance and our own individual expression of style to save ourselves from the accident of “twinning” with another individual. On this note I would like to add that I have no intention of going all sustainable anytime soon. The first reason being I do not have enough moolah to support that and I still like wearing “good-looking clothes”. I could make my own clothes which again means spending a considerable amount of time searching for a tailor who can actually fashion all the styles that I would want to wear. And thirdly I never discard anything unless I have made a good use of it which I believe still makes my approach quite a sustainable one.

With all this said, I do not believe that our “selfie-taking-Instagram-generation” is all lost. We are still capable of appreciating the better things in life. Social media has been one of the strongest voices of our generation that has also taught us the value of empathy, kindness, acceptance of people as they are and voicing protests for the causes that we believe are an infringement of the individual’s right of expression. So in the times of Instagram and Fast fashion, all we need is to seek out the best of everything and keep a stronger belief in our own selves.

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