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Another year has begun. Amidst all the excitement of stepping into another year, I find myself without any concrete plan or lists of resolutions. I must be the only one left without any plan of action to bring about some meaningful twists and turns in my life. I do not detest change. In fact I wait in anticipation of changes that life may bring in the coming months. However, I am yet to figure my apathy to resolutions.
Now that you know that I am a woman without any plans for 2017, I rest the case. At the moment I am content with my personal, academic and professional life. The mundane chores, the company of good books and friends, experiments with photography and other creative pursuits keep me quite busy during the day. To me the new year doesn’t necessarily mean changing everything at the turn of the clock. But it makes me hopeful of the changes that may come and indeed impact my life.
Therefore, I begin my year with hope. Looking forward with hope to new journeys and opportunities, to adventures that come with a new lesson and to growing more on the personal front. May 2017 be the year of hope and growth for you and me. Wish you a positive, healthy and happy year filled with love and hope.

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