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white shirt-blue jean-plus size-xxllent-

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Wearing: Xxllent Formal White Shirt with Knot Detail, Dorothy Perkins jeans, Carlton London Heels, Lavie Sling Bag

I have never much contemplated the need of good formal basics like the white shirt as part of my wardrobe. The only shirts that I ever wore were mostly borrowed from my grandfather. But since I begun working, the need to have a dedicated work wear wardrobe has imposed itself as a necessity. When I think of formals, the first thing on my mind is a basic white shirt and pair of trousers. It is the classic corporate workwear tried, tested and loved for its unfailing prowess of delivering a subtle statement. A crisp white shirt with starched collars have seen many hours at the desk, attended numerous meetings, tasted more cups of coffee than you can count and manages to live up to the hype.  A white shirt is basically what I call an “understated statement” piece.

But there is always a catch. It is quite a task to find the one that fits right. And if it doesn’t, that can take away all the charm. Hence finding one particularly suited to your body type is like finding a needle in a haystack. I have often returned empty handed after having tried many at the store. I didn’t dare order online for the same fear of not finding the right fit. It took me some time before I finally met the one that I liked in Xxllent’s Formal White Shirt with Knot Detail.

You may ask what was so great about this one? The first thing that comes to my mind is the sleeve detailing with open cuffs and knot detail. I am a sucker for anything that makes a basic, not-so-basic. And here the sleeves demand all the attention though quite subtly. But perhaps the best part was the fit. It slips into my jeans like they were made for each other. I finally found the one that is just right for me and you too won’t be disappointed if you are still on the lookout for one.

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