CALAE, plus size, body positive, casual, street style, KOOVS, fashion blogger, Style blog,

CALAE, plus size, body positive, casual, street style, KOOVS, fashion blogger, Style blog,

CALAE, plus size, body positive, casual, street style, KOOVS, fashion blogger, Style blog,

Wearing: CALAE Black Needle Stripes Tie Up Top, Dorothy Perkins Navy Blue Solid Jeans, Koovs Espadrille Mules

Indian brands are finally trying to break the ice of size inclusion. Since a few years now some major players have a booming business and more are joining the market. Yet most are not innovative enough. To appeal to variegated set of consumers one has to know their consumers well which so many fail to do. Precisely because they do not spend time or money on research and development. Perhaps the competitive market and the pressure of mass production makes it imperative that brands keep on creating by imitating the stereotypical styles and trends of fast fashion. Innovation, research or even taking important strides to raise consciousness is much lacking. Yet as someone who needs these brands as much as they need their customers to thrive upon, I feel that the gap can be closed.

The brands need to provide ethical fashion and sustainable clothing for all sizes. Size inclusion doesn’t mean creating only those clothes that create a hype but being aware of serving all customers and at least keeping up at pace with the advances in the Indian Fashion Industry itself. It is important that more Indian brands try to serve the different tastes and styles. Saying this I am hopeful that we shall see something akin to this in the near future. Often appearances are deceiving. There have been number of times that I had bought something only to realize that it had been made with the cheapest materials and never lasted more than one or two wears. This could be disappointing to anyone and especially one has fewer options to shop from.

Notwithstanding my above statements, there are few who do make a good first impression. I have already been a consistent customer of Dorothy Perkins and Koovs which the number of ย wardrobe staples can vouch for. But I recently made my first purchase with Calae who turned one last month and I cannot but say that I am impressed. I am always skeptical of new brands and all they have to offer. So after scouring through their well laid out pages, I chanced upon this striped top. It was the detailing of the tie up laces that drew me more as well as the needle-thin stripes. Simple designs with an edge always appeal me and this was no different. And more so the easy fit and comfort which is always an important criterion. All of this makes Calae a brand that I look forward to wearing more often in the days to come.

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